Book: Poker With Presence by Jason Su

Book: Review of Poker With Presence by Jason Su

American Jason Su has been playing poker for nearly 20 years and has spent the past decade testing methods and processes to help players achieve and maintain the highest levels of performance. The result was his first book, Poker With Presence, published in May of this year.

According to the author, presence is the bridge between what you learn and how you express it. It combines your intuition with your skills to make the perfect play at the right time. Jason believes that with a deep knowledge of the game you can reach 85% of your full potential as a player, but you have to be dedicated to unlock the last 15%.

Hence the subtitle of this book: “Unlocking the Last 15%”. The goal is to play poker with a sense of presence, beyond the layers of inner and outer chaos, with the wisdom of your body Make the connection. It’s something that can be learned and will make you a better player, allowing you to enjoy your game or tournament and win more money in the process.

Adopted by Jason takes concepts from other books, such as the “Zone of Genius” or “Physical Intelligence” and applies them to poker, providing methods and techniques on how to obtain it. Some of these techniques are breathing exercises such as “I Breathe,” “Creative Joint Games,” trying to see new perspectives, or “Feeling Body Sensations” to accompany physical sensations.

Another exercise he recommends to readers is “Looping of Awareness,” which provides examples of how to apply it at the poker table. This way you can focus more on your opponents and their playing style and avoid cell phone distractions. This is a smart and profitable move.

The author is primarily a cash game player but has 29 cashes and 5 titles on the live circuit for $546,653. In the final chapter, he analyzes three hands in which he was personable and confident enough to follow his instincts. The first hand was in a $30/$60 limit hold’em cash game, and the other two hands were in a $1,000 tournament in Las Vegas.

Anyone who wants to improve the psychological aspects of the game will really enjoy this book. helpful. Do you prefer The Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo or The Mind Game of Poker by Jared Tendler? Then you should read this book. It will be included in our December ranking of the “Best Poker Books of 2020.”

Book: Review of Poker With Presence by Jason Su

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  • This text provides an overview of American poker player Jason Su’s background and his book “Poker With Presence.” It highlights the importance of presence in poker and how it can improve a player’s performance. The text also mentions the author’s use of various techniques and exercises to enhance focus and awareness during the game.

  • This text provides an overview of Jason Su’s book, Poker With Presence, highlighting the importance of presence in poker and the techniques he offers to improve players’ performance. It suggests that those interested in improving the psychological aspects of the game will find the book helpful, particularly if they enjoyed The Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo or The Mind Game of Poker by Jared Tendler.

  • This text provides an interesting insight into the world of poker and the importance of presence in gameplay. Jason Su’s book seems to offer valuable techniques and methods for players looking to enhance their performance and mindset at the table. It appears to be a worthwhile read for those seeking to improve their psychological approach to the game.

  • This text highlights Jason Su’s expertise in poker and his focus on achieving peak performance through presence and intuition. His book, Poker With Presence, offers valuable techniques and exercises to improve players’ psychological aspects and overall gameplay, making it a recommended read for those looking to enhance their skills in the game.

  • I think the text provides valuable insights into how to improve poker performance through methods like presence and mindfulness. The author’s personal experiences and success in the game lend credibility to the techniques he shares. Overall, it seems like a worthwhile read for poker players looking to enhance their mental game.

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