Sunday’s surprise winner to bet faces in 2023-2024 league

Sunday's surprise winner to bet faces in 2023-2024...

This week, the WinamaxSunday Surprise bonus will turn champions into true sports betting experts.

The French House website allows access to both the poker room and the betting room. Just as freeroll or tournament tickets allow you to try poker without earning any real cash, free bets allow you to place free bets on the sports you care about most.

La Liga, the previous Sunday surprise edition, is a classic competition themed around the football season.

In short, the winners of the Sunday Surprise get €100 worth of free bets on every La Liga matchday, and that’s their bonus. A MUST DO Try to grow your account and convert it into income by participating in the many alternatives offered by the lobby: long-term betting on championships or player performances, straight points, combinations, penalties, yellow cards… your name it. The tips section of is sure to be your favourite.

Because it has one of the best buy-to-price ratios on the entire web, just €10 to enter and €100,000 guaranteed, get extras based on your football-smart adventures The idea of ​​cash rewards certainly has many advantages and few disadvantages. If not, play it safe and turn those free bets into cash by betting on the obvious favorites.

Be careful, there is a consolation prize if you miss your goal. Judging by the Sunday Surprise leaderboard, the 3 million event will award 200 tickets worth €125, so everyone wins.

Note: Sunday 6th August at 20:30. If you want, you can hang the scarf around your neck and sing the most repeated slogan in your favorite team’s stadium. Football is back!

Sunday's surprise winner to bet faces in 2023-2024...

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