Richard Sant dominates Day 1 of KSOP Iguazu Main Event

The premier KSOP Iguaçu tournament powered by GGPoker has begun. Day 1A of the Main Event featured 72 players, but only 19 qualified to the next round. One of the survivors was Richard Santer the best of.

Argentinian Gonzalo Gottlieb will look to continue his good swing at KSOP Iguazú.

At the end of the first round of 10 hurdles, the Brazilian amassed a massive 239,000 chip stack in unmatched fashion. Wu Guangbiao also had a great time and finally got 222,000 points, So did

André Cabrini , capturing 188,500 pieces.

Tournament will be held in downtown Foz do Iguaçu, hosted by Celso Sirtoli and others

The previous Argentine champion Gonzalo Gottlieb , High Roller lightweight champion Sergey Utenkov, the famous

Rubens Apovian, Juan Baratini, Ignacio Gaspari, Marcelo Meirelles and

Raphael Pandorf, he also managed to continue the game at 15:00 on the 2nd day on Sunday, June 18

*. All qualified:

KSOP Foz do Iguaçu main event at 14:00 *Features Day 1B which will include more players and those who do not advance to the next round will try again . Gradually, this major event in the triple frontier city is heating up.

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