“pedroELnegro” and Daniel Croce take the podium in Race 48 of GGMillion$ Week

“pedroELnegro” and Daniel Croce take the podium in...

Brazilian players performed at GGPoker GGMillion$ Week for the seventh time in a row on Sunday. In Event 48: The $2,100 Omaholic Bounty HR Main Event, “pedroELnegro” took home the title of “Champion” and earned $86,728. Minutes earlier, Daniel “croce 61” Croce claimed the bronze medal and added $26,242 to his winnings.

The $150 GGMasters come in green and yellow. André Berlanda defeated his compatriot Alex “AlexTheGreat” Machado in a heads-up match for $57,071. The runner-up received $45,619.

José Carlos “Beer4Me” Brito finished second out of 18,285 players in the $54 Bounty Hunter Sunday Main Event, a performance that earned him $37,420.

Davi Cola, on the other hand, finished on the podium in the $250 Sunday Main Event, earning $29,023.

Also on the site: Felipe Ketzer came within one hand of winning the $14,991 in the $250 Sunday Special. There are 482 participants in this tournament.

“pedroELnegro” and Daniel Croce take the podium in...

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  • I think it’s impressive that Brazilian players have consistently performed well in the GGPoker GGMillion$ Week events. It’s great to see them achieving success and earning significant cash prizes in various poker tournaments.

  • It is impressive to see Brazilian players performing so well consistently at GGPoker GGMillion$ Week. The amount of prize money they have won is significant and highlights their skill in poker tournaments.

  • Pollich.kaelyn

    This text highlights the success of Brazilian poker players at the GGPoker GGMillion$ Week, showcasing their strong performance in various high-stakes events. The victories of players like pedroELnegro and André Berlanda demonstrate the skill and competitiveness of Brazilian players in the international poker scene.

  • I think it’s impressive that Brazilian players have been performing consistently well at the GGPoker GGMillion$ Week. The success of players like pedroELnegro, Daniel croce 61 Croce, and André Berlanda shows the talent and skill of Brazilian poker players on the international stage.

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