Marcus Borges wins the BSOP One-Day High Roller Championship.

In his spare time, Marcus Borges was incredibly su...

Controversy erupted at four different events on the opening day of the Sao Paulo BSOP. The One-Day High Roller “THE GLENLIVET” was one such event that attracted a large number of entrants and came to an emotional conclusion with the victory of Marcus Borges.

With the same results in March 2022, this player disproves the old saying “lightning never strikes the same place twice” and gets another Bracelet. After competing against 140 other qualified entrants, Marcus Borges won and received R$ 227,500.

The entry fee for this competition is 8,000 reais, a significant increase over the 4,000 reais spent by Marcus to win the same amount in 2022 bonus. There were some very talented players at the final table and he had to beat them all to win. The champion is a huge fan of the game and plays it just for fun.

His final table opponents were Andrés Jeckln, José Carlos Barbosa, Serafim Bento, Fábio Murakami and André Berlanda (Winner of the Main Event, BSOP). Million 2021), David Dayan, Vini Pinheiro and Fredwilliam Viana.

Check out everyone’s rankings in THE GLENLIVET One-Day High Roller below!

First place: Marcus Borges, $227,500

Second place: Andres Jeckeln, $155,000 U.S. dollars

Third place: José Carlos Barbosa $102,400

Fourth place: Serafim Bento R$ 84,300

R$ 67,750 #5 Fábio Murakami

Andre Berlanda, 6th First name: R$ 53,000

Seventh place: David Dayan, R$39,800

R$29,350 #8 Vini Pinheiro

Fredwillian Viana (No. 9) received R$ 22,700.

In his spare time, Marcus Borges was incredibly su...

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  • Mckenzie.anya

    The text highlights the controversy surrounding the Sao Paulo BSOP event, specifically the One-Day High Roller tournament, where Marcus Borges emerged as the victor. Despite winning the same amount in a previous competition, Marcus had to pay a higher entry fee this time. The text also provides a list of the final table participants and their rankings.

  • Romaguera.lewis

    This text describes the controversy and results of the One-Day High Roller event at the Sao Paulo BSOP, with Marcus Borges emerging as the champion for the second consecutive year. The text provides details about the prize money, entry fee, and the other skilled players at the final table.

  • Morissette.sibyl

    This text describes the controversies and highlights of the Sao Paulo BSOP event, particularly focusing on the One-Day High Roller THE GLENLIVET tournament won by Marcus Borges. It includes details about the prize money, entry fees, and the talented players he had to defeat to secure his victory.

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