Latin Armada kicks off 2023 WSOP Event #37

Another event kicked off at WSOP 2023 as Latin Armada managed to select several delegates from the qualifiers who would go on to advance for the bracelet.

This Thursday, the Event #37 $2,000 No-Limit Hold’emDay 1 took place with 1,962 Participation was high, with a prize pool of $3,492,360 and 295 players participating in the cash register.

José Ignacio Barbero is also included.

There were more than 15 players from the area and at the end of the day the Mexican José Rodriguez as the top finisher in 9. You may also see other names such as

Yuri Dzivielevski, Jose Ignacio Barbero, Ezequiel Weigel and Dorian Rios

Just to name a few The table is led by Lee Piniatoglou, And with a stack of 738,000 players.

There are still 321 players at the Horseshoe and Paris tables in Las Vegas will return this Friday to continue into Level 16 from 10:00 local time with blinds of 3000/6000.

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  • This text provides information about an event at the WSOP 2023 where Latin Armada selected delegates for the qualifiers. The event had high participation, with 295 players, a prize pool of $3,492,360, and José Rodriguez as the top finisher in 9th place.

  • Brayan.bernier

    This text provides an overview of an event at the WSOP 2023, specifically Event #37, which had a high participation rate and a substantial prize pool. Several notable players, including José Ignacio Barbero, were mentioned, and the current table leader is Lee Piniatoglou. The event is set to continue with 321 players returning the following day.

  • This text provides an update on a WSOP event in 2023, highlighting the participation of Latin Armada and mentioning top finishers such as José Rodriguez. It also mentions the remaining players and the schedule for the next day of the tournament.

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    The text provides a detailed update on the WSOP 2023 Event #37, including information on participants and prize pool. It highlights the success of Latin Armada in selecting delegates and mentions top performers like José Rodriguez and Lee Piniatoglou. The event seems to be highly competitive and attracting a diverse range of skilled players.

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