Fernando “naandy” Olímpio placed second in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR


The country’s grinders suffered a setback in yesterday’s straight race. Fernando Olímpio came within one elimination of winning another $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR during his visit to PokerStars. Overall, the naandy account pilot earned $10,811 for second place.

According to GGPoker, two Brazilian players made it to the podium in the $250 Daily Main Event. While “F_P_C” won the silver medal and $8,967, “RegBull” won $6,724 after falling in 3 hands.

Shortly thereafter, “Piolhodomato” won $7,907 in the Bounty Hunters Forty Stack $44 competition against 2,093 opponents.

Glauco “Eiji88” Eiji also called out the champion. In PokerStars’ Bounty Builder $33, he topped a field of 1,898 players to boost his bankroll by $6,841.

Meanwhile, Leonardo Mattos led his national team to Thursday’s Throwdown final for $150 [bounty]. The state of Bahia came in sixth with $6,749. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeGGMasters Classic $25″Radamanthys2″First Place $6,327$109Mini Thursday Thrill”tuliodutra96″Third Place $6,222Bounty King Jr $32.10″NegoNey”First Place $6,158Bounty Builder $44″bal-bruno”First Place $5,866


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    This text appears to be a report on recent poker tournament results involving Brazilian players. It seems to highlight their success and earnings in various events on platforms like PokerStars and GGPoker.

  • Based on the provided text, it seems like Brazilian poker players have had both successes and setbacks in recent tournaments, with several players earning significant cash prizes in various events. Overall, the text showcases the achievements and performances of different Brazilian players in different poker competitions.

  • In this text, it appears that Brazilian poker players had mixed results in various tournaments, with some achieving notable wins and others falling short. Overall, it seems to highlight the successes and setbacks of Brazilian players in poker competitions.

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