Experience Winamax’s Battle Royale in Champions League

Experience Winamax’s Battle Royale in Champions Le...

Yesterday, the regular tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. On Tuesday a total of 23 tournaments with 5-figure jackpots were organized in the French region, of which 478,000 euros Paid as a prize. The schedule of major events overlapping with the schedule of Champions League matches may reduce the number of players in the room. Along with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain played crucial games in this match. alvarsc was the best player of the day.

alvarsc wins the biggest prize of the day

3 tournaments awarded prizes of more than €5k to their winners.

“alvarsc” won the €200 Battle Royale and took home the biggest prize of the day: €7,351.09.

“Skumbo” took home a prize of €6,266.52, thanks to his victory in the €250 HighRoller.

And “extremism” won the Prime Time €50 and received a payout of €5,833.22.

The biggest prize pools

In terms of prize pools, four tournaments exceeded the €30k jackpot:

Battle Royale (€35k).

After Work 20 (€35k).

Prime Time (€45k).

Mystery KO €50 (€32k).

Results of Tuesday’s top tournaments at Winamax

  1. michel_ah89 (Mystery KO. Prize pool: €2,039.20. Field: 1,591. Prize pool: €14,319).
  2. Jacqueline77 (Tea Time 20. Prize: £2,310.28. Field: 1,326. Prize pool: £23,868).
  3. D3P0S1t4ME (Gladiator €50. Prize: €2,631.35. Field: 396. Prize pool: €17,820).
  4. simonsnaps (Mystery KO. Prize: €3,052.62. Field: 1,248. Prize pool: €22,464).
  5. Jack Jack (Monster Stack €10 (6:30 p.m.). Prize pool: €1.905,55. Field: 1,177. Prize pool: €10,593).
  6. Benamou.s13 (Guerilla 5. Prize: €1,484.14. Field: 3,201. Prize pool: €14,405).
  7. alvarsc (Battle Royale €200. Prize: €7,351.09. Field: 195. Prize pool: €35,880).
  8. ABG9 (Mystery KO. Prize: €1,159.85. Field: 2,348. Prize pool: €10,566).
  9. 1Money Trees (Mystery KO. Prize: €3,206.71. Field: 583. Prize pool: €26,235).
  10. AKy1A (La Fievre 10. Prize: €2,269.15. Field: 1,415. Prize pool: €12,735).
  11. JA M0RANT (After Work €20. Prize: €3,282.50. Field: €1,977. Prize pool: €35,586).
  12. Druide No 1 (Big Switch €100. Prize: €4,287.79. Field: 201. Prize pool: €18,090).
  13. BenoitS1-2Ni (Mini Switch €10. Prize: €1,995.53. Field: €1,227. Prize pool: €11,043).
  14. extremism (Prime Time 50. Prize: €5,833.22. Field: 1,002. Prize pool: €45,090).
  15. Bukowski (Mystery KO. Prize: €2,387.93. Field: 3,614. Prize pool: €32,526).
  16. M.check_Some (Pour la Daronne €5. Prize: €1,364.30. Field: 3,743. Prize pool: €16,844).
  17. Skumbo (HighRoller €250. Prize: €6,266.52. Field: 128. Prize pool: €29,696).
  18. MomIsProud (Flipper €20. Prize: €1,759.80. Field: 619. Prize pool: €11,142).
  19. YuriksRD 5.0 (Ninja €10. Prize: €1,868.40. Field: 2,107. Prize pool: €18,963).
  20. ThelmaelWise (Mystery KO. Prize: €1,983.70. Field: 826. Prize pool: €14,868).
  21. Vila Nova (Rush Hour 50. Prize: €3,695.50. Field: 417. Prize pool: €18,765).
  22. (Mystery KO. Prize: €2,306.34. Field: 2,344. Prize pool: €21,096).
  23. F. Gimbra (Night Club 10. Prize: 2.010,97. Field: 1.725. Prize pool: 15.525€).

Experience Winamax’s Battle Royale in Champions Le...

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    This text provides an overview of the tournaments organized by Winamax .fres in the French region, including the prize amounts, winning players, and number of participants. It also highlights potential challenges faced by the tournament due to scheduling conflicts with the Champions League matches.

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    This text provides an overview of the tournaments held on Tuesday by the online poker platform Winamax .fres. It mentions the prize amounts won by the top players and highlights some of the biggest prize pools. Additionally, it lists the winners and prize pools of various tournaments.

  • The text provides information about the regular tournament at Winamax.fres, including the number of tournaments, prize amounts, and winners. It also mentions that scheduling conflicts with Champions League matches may impact the number of players in the room. Overall, it seems like a detailed report on the tournament activities at Winamax.fres.

  • This text appears to be a summary of the results and highlights from a recent Winamax poker tournament in France. It provides details about the prize pools, winners, and number of participants in various tournaments. Overall, it seems to be informative for those interested in the poker tournament scene in France.

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