Downtown Rosario: Another three-day series

Downtown Rosario: Another three-day series

Following the success of the first edition, the new dates of the Three-Day Series will take place today, Thursday to Saturday, and the city center of Rosario has chosen the event as this month’s event. farewell game and has received positive reviews from players of the record.

The buy-in is $50,000, starting chips are 40,000 points, re-entry is up to level 8, and the quota is 300 players, stacked add-ons and action clock, tournament has three days1, blinds every 30′ on Days 1A and 1B, blinds every 20′ on Day 1C, played in Turbo mode. Today’s Stage 1A will begin at 6:30 pm, and this Friday’s Stage 1B will begin at 3:00 pm Competition starts at 6:30pm and Day 1C will begin at 6:30pm. Players who qualified for Day 2 on Saturday got to work at 2 p.m., and they had a major incentive: They were already sitting at the checkout counter, looking for a title shot.

Next time there is an opportunity, players will have the opportunity to obtain virtual qualifications on the casino platform, ensuring that every qualifier participates Anyone can participate in the three-day series.

There’s already a winner downtown

The week begins with the classic Tuesday+, a weekly event held at the Rosario Casino whereEmiliano Cantoli takes home the title and $1,032,669 first prize. Pedro Destefano and Mariano Leandro Hyon rounded out the podium after winning $629,759 and $414,761 respectively.

Downtown Rosario: Another three-day series


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    This text is announcing the upcoming dates of the Three-Day Series event taking place in Rosario. It mentions the positive reviews from players and provides details about the tournament structure and schedule. Additionally, it mentions the recent winner of the Tuesday+ event at the Rosario Casino.

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