Bad rhythm that ends with a meme

Bad rhythm that ends with a meme

In an unexpected twist of fate, an online poker hand shocked players and spectators alike, defying all logic, probability and common sense. PokerStars Ambassador Arlie Shaban was the protagonist of an incredible and confusing situation in an online game that ended in a fiasco.

While fate dictates that Shaban will win, the others have plans. In the early stages of a $20 buy-in tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $20,000, the Canadian player raised the Jack and found himself in an exciting all-in with three other opponents.

p>Since the flop of J 8 3, the Jacks seemed to be going well: they were the highest cards in a classic comeback at the time, and a pair of queens that failed. But the magic of mutation intervenes. It seemed the river could only bring one thing: victory for Shaban.

But the twist of fate overcomes all difficulties, and a river leaves him an open mouth to the sea. There was an air of disbelief in the atmosphere, and the looks on everyone’s faces made it clear that no one believed what was happening. How is the result? Check out the game below…

🤯 What a crazy hand! @ArlieShaban

— PokerNews (@PokerNews) July 26, 2023

Faced with this outcome, Shaban himself He couldn’t resist the comment, and with a parody-worthy look, he exclaimed: “This is disgusting!”.

This poker hand has become a viral phenomenon. In a world where odds dictate the rules of the game, this unusual game is puzzling and has become the talk of the online poker community.

Bad rhythm that ends with a meme


  • This text describes an unexpected and shocking poker hand that defied logic and probability, leaving everyone in disbelief. The protagonist, Arlie Shaban, experienced a surprising outcome that has become a viral phenomenon in the online poker community.

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