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Bad rhythm that ends with a meme

Bad rhythm that ends with a meme

In an unexpected twist of fate, an online poker hand shocked players and spectators alike, defying all logic, probability and common sense. PokerStars Ambassador Arlie Shaban was the protagonist of an incredible and confusing situation in an online game that ended in a fiasco.

While fate dictates that Shaban will win, the others have plans. In the early stages of a $20 buy-in tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $20,000, the Canadian player raised the Jack and found himself in an exciting all-in with three other opponents.

p>Since the flop of J 8 3, the Jacks seemed to be going well: they were the highest cards in a classic comeback at the time, and a pair of queens that failed. But the magic of mutation intervenes. It seemed the river could only bring one thing: victory for Shaban.

But the twist of fate overcomes all difficulties, and a river leaves him an open mouth to the sea. There was an air of disbelief in the atmosphere, and the looks on everyone’s faces made it clear that no one believed what was happening. How is the result? Check out the game below…

🤯 What a crazy hand! @ArlieShaban

— PokerNews (@PokerNews) July 26, 2023

Faced with this outcome, Shaban himself He couldn’t resist the comment, and with a parody-worthy look, he exclaimed: “This is disgusting!”.

This poker hand has become a viral phenomenon. In a world where odds dictate the rules of the game, this unusual game is puzzling and has become the talk of the online poker community.

Bad rhythm that ends with a meme

Sunday’s surprise winner to bet faces in 2023-2024 league

Sunday's surprise winner to bet faces in 2023-2024...

This week, the WinamaxSunday Surprise bonus will turn champions into true sports betting experts.

The French House website allows access to both the poker room and the betting room. Just as freeroll or tournament tickets allow you to try poker without earning any real cash, free bets allow you to place free bets on the sports you care about most.

La Liga, the previous Sunday surprise edition, is a classic competition themed around the football season.

In short, the winners of the Sunday Surprise get €100 worth of free bets on every La Liga matchday, and that’s their bonus. A MUST DO Try to grow your account and convert it into income by participating in the many alternatives offered by the lobby: long-term betting on championships or player performances, straight points, combinations, penalties, yellow cards… your name it. The tips section of is sure to be your favourite.

Because it has one of the best buy-to-price ratios on the entire web, just €10 to enter and €100,000 guaranteed, get extras based on your football-smart adventures The idea of ​​cash rewards certainly has many advantages and few disadvantages. If not, play it safe and turn those free bets into cash by betting on the obvious favorites.

Be careful, there is a consolation prize if you miss your goal. Judging by the Sunday Surprise leaderboard, the 3 million event will award 200 tickets worth €125, so everyone wins.

Note: Sunday 6th August at 20:30. If you want, you can hang the scarf around your neck and sing the most repeated slogan in your favorite team’s stadium. Football is back!

Sunday's surprise winner to bet faces in 2023-2024...

Fernando “naandy” Olímpio placed second in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR


The country’s grinders suffered a setback in yesterday’s straight race. Fernando Olímpio came within one elimination of winning another $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR during his visit to PokerStars. Overall, the naandy account pilot earned $10,811 for second place.

According to GGPoker, two Brazilian players made it to the podium in the $250 Daily Main Event. While “F_P_C” won the silver medal and $8,967, “RegBull” won $6,724 after falling in 3 hands.

Shortly thereafter, “Piolhodomato” won $7,907 in the Bounty Hunters Forty Stack $44 competition against 2,093 opponents.

Glauco “Eiji88” Eiji also called out the champion. In PokerStars’ Bounty Builder $33, he topped a field of 1,898 players to boost his bankroll by $6,841.

Meanwhile, Leonardo Mattos led his national team to Thursday’s Throwdown final for $150 [bounty]. The state of Bahia came in sixth with $6,749. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeGGMasters Classic $25″Radamanthys2″First Place $6,327$109Mini Thursday Thrill”tuliodutra96″Third Place $6,222Bounty King Jr $32.10″NegoNey”First Place $6,158Bounty Builder $44″bal-bruno”First Place $5,866


André Akkari Says Farewell to WSOP in 16th in Event #91

André Akkari Finishes HORSE Event #91 in 16th and...

André Akkari has a solid chance to win another bracelet ($3,000 H.O.R.S.E.) in Event #91. He was one of the last 18 contenders for the title but fell short on a crucial day. The PokerStars Ambassador was eliminated in 16th place in a five-event mixed event.

Akkari was awarded $7,305 for beating 331 entrants. He announced to World of Poker and social media that this will be his last event at the 2023 WSOP. He has won three ITM titles in $10,000 buy-in tournaments, finished 10th at the unofficial final table and finished 20th.

Akari faced a very difficult situation. The final sprint on HORSE. Of the 18 players in attendance, 11 were bracelet holders, including two Poker Hall of Famers (Barbara Enright and Todd Brunson). The Brazilian lost a crucial pot in limit hold’em and then saw Razz reach the bottom line.

André was short-stacked with T-High’s K43/328T losing to Ryan Miller’s 934/ 26A2 for a six-high run in the final hand of the tournament.

André Akkari Finishes HORSE Event #91 in 16th and...

World Book Cup quarter-finals set

World Book Cup: The 8 books with the most votes ha...

After eight close matches and the voice of the public, the quarter-finals of our first World Book Cup for the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast are set. With only 8 books left, the most popular remains Maria Konnikova‘s The Biggest Bluff, released a few months ago.

Here is the most voted matchup (706) and the highest tie so far:

SE Division 3 #PokerGOAT Match 1:

Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo



Michael Acevedo Modern Poker Theory

— Chasing Poker Greatness (@CPGPodcast) September 3, 2020

Quarterfinals are defined like this:

Four Points One of the finals will kick off a great Twitter feed at Chasing Poker on Friday 4th September – don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

World Book Cup: The 8 books with the most votes ha...

This happened on day two of the WPT EveryOne For One Drop 10K

This happened on day two of the WPT EveryOne For O...

Day 2 of the WPT EveryOne For One Drop 10K takes place on Wednesday, July 12 at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. There are still 537 players competing for 1,676 entries worth $10,500. The prize pool is $16,257,200, with the top 210 entrants receiving prize money.

Top 210 entrants win: Diego Ventura 🇵🇪 (No. 207 – $17,200), Fabrizio Gonzalez 🇺🇾 ($205 – $17,200), Isaac Haxton ($198 – $17,200) , Erik Seidel ($197 – $17,200), Joe McKeehen (No. 192 – $17,200), Andrew Moreno (No. 186 – $17,200), Nick Eunice 🇨🇱 (No. 179 – $17,790), Chris Moneymaker (No. 141 – $19,790) ), Ethan “Rampage”You (No. 127 – $21,250), Francisco Benitez 🇺🇾 (No. 116 – $23,080), Dan Smith (No. 115 – $23,080), Sergio Eido (No. 95 – $25,360) and Jeremy Oldsmus ($79 – $25,360) . $31,550), etc.

You can view the full cash sheet here.

Still in contention: WPT Champion Bin Weng (3.8M), WPT Prime Championship 2022 Champion Stephen Song (1.6M) , WPT and WSOP Champion Dominik Nitsche (1M), 4-time Bracelet winner Adrian Mateos (680,000), Paul Volpe (635,000), 4-time WPT Champion Darren Elias (610,000), Kenny Hallaert (575,000), Stephen Chidwick (500,000), 2022 WPT World Championship Champion EliotHudon (400,000), Noah Schwartz (340,000 ) and Spaniard Daniel Barriocanal (245,000).

This happened on day two of the WPT EveryOne For O...

André Akkari Finishes Tenth in WSOP Event 35

Andre Akkari’s in-depth performance at WSOP Event 35: $10,000 NL Hold’em Secret Bounty ended sooner than he had hoped. After taking the lead at the end of the second day, the veteran lost momentum and eventually collapsed in the unofficial FT. Akkari finished 10th for $45,301. The top Brazilian in the tournament received an additional $65,000 for prize money.

According to the PokerNews portal, Akkari made 15 BBS public pushes as he left immediately after the hijack. Five-time WSOP champion Jeremy Ausmus singled out and revealed J♠J♦. Akkari dominated with A 10 ♠ but couldn’t find any of his three outs on a board of 4 ♠ 3 ♥ 2 ♠ Q ♠ 7 .

Meanwhile, Phil Hellmuth was No. 11. With only 3 BBS left, he decided to call Aram Oganyan’s all-in with A♥5♣. As the owner of Q♥3♥, the Hall of Famer had no chance on the K 7♣J♣K♣J board.

Akkari tormentor Ausmus sticks to CL Chris Klodnicki. Currently, the gap between Team USA and Team USA is only 1 BB. Argument will continue at 8pm (Brasilia). Check chip count:

First place: Aram Oganyan (USA) 27 big blinds

Second place: Barak Wisbrod (Israel) 21 big blinds

3rd place 1st place: Daniel Rezaei (Austria) 15 big blinds

4th place: Jeremy Ausmus (USA) 32 big blinds

5th Name: Eric Yanovsky (USA) 16 BBs

Sixth: Angel Guillen (Mexico) 21 BBs

Seventh: Chris Klodnicki (USA) 33 BBs

Eighth Place: Tracy Nguyen (USA) 9 BBs Blinds

Yuri Martins crashes into AA and ends up in WSOP Event 37 bubble

The first two weeks of the 2023 WSOP have not been good at all for star Yuri Martins. So far, he has participated in 21 live games. In all competitions, the two-time series champion did not make it past Day 2.

In Event #37: $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em, Yuri’s exit was even more painful. On the ITM bubble, he busted Q ♦Q♥ and raised to 12,000 minutes. Frenchman Flavien Guenan then announced a 3-bet to 75,000. With a short stack, Yuri called and saw his opponent show A♦A♣. The 6♣5♦10♠6♥5♠ board hit no one and Guenan won the pot.

“This happens to absolutely every player. If you think the world and the map are against you, don’t be self-centered. I have a piece of advice for those who don’t want to play bubble tournaments: Is it legal? Of course not. Am I happy? Obviously not. But that’s the nature of the game. Someone has to lose, someone has to win, someone has to take a hit, that’s all.

A total of $524,777 will be paid to the winner in Event 37. Rafael Reis is the winner of the Brazilians who are still in contention for the bracelet. Last week, the American won Event 15: $1,500 NL Hold’em 6-Handed for $465,501.

Argentines meet Main Event at KSOP GGPoker Online

Argentinian Mariano Jiménez made sure the series ended in a tango after the Brazilian took the title at KSOP GGPoker Online. In the Main Event, he beat a table full of pros to finish on the podium. All told, the winner earned $8,019.

Mariano heads up against Marcelo Giordano, who made it to FT in the 1-Day High Roller Main Event earlier this month when he performed at BSOP Brasilia. On the last hand, the Brazilian thought for a long time before calling his opponent all-in on the K♠3♠A♥2♣Q♣ board. Marcelo holds the K Н♥ and sees his Jiménez for a 5♣4♥ straight.

Also making it into the finals is current KSOP GGPoker leaderboard leader Peterson Machado. Carioca, who were eliminated in fifth place, picked up important points and extended their lead.

All told, the Main Event had 432 entrants worth $100. Here’s how much each finalist spent:

1. Mariano Jimenez (Argentina) $8,019

2. Marcelo “77777777771” Giordano (Brazil) $6,018

3. Carlos “Breadcrumb” Serrano (Colombia) $4,518

4. Diego “Spdr_J8” Martins (Brazil) $3,392

5. Peterson “PetersonRJ” Machado (Brazil) $2,548

6. “TEKOHZT” (Brazil) $1,916

7. Sebastián Fonseca (Colombia) $1,441

8. Isa “Amarula” Oliveira (Brazil) $1,085

9. Felipe “FelipeAA23” Morelli (Brazil) $818

There will be 37 events at KSOP GGPoker Online and all winners will receive their respective trophies either at home or at KSOP Rio in August in Rio de Janeiro. In a few weeks, there will be another online series on the tour.

John Monette took a half blind and a chair, and took a bracelet.

Unbelievable. Just a few days ago, Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas stunned David ODB Baker with a stunning comeback as he managed to win the $1,500 Razz event after winning just two blinds managed to win the $1,500 Razz event after just two blinds. Well,

John Monette got over it in even more shocking fashion at this point.

Christopher Chung hit the half blind for the bracelet.

After an impressive heads-up with Christopher Chung

In the Event #30 $1,500 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, Monnette came back from the ashes and recovered with just half the big blind. “At this moment, there’s nothing you can do. The deck is just decided,” the champion pointed out, running in his favour.

This The mixed game specialist was awarded $145,863 and his fifth World Series of Poker bracelet, joining the select team of 35 players who Follow in the footsteps of luminaries like Josh Alih and earn 5 bracelets.

and Brian Yoon, she also won her fifth gem in this year’s competition.

“It means a lot, and that’s why we’re in these games,” exclaimed Monette, who was very excited. “There’s nothing quite like it; the energy you experience at the WSOP is like no other. The best players come together for an epic battle for the coveted bracelet.”

Recognized as the bestone of the best mixed game players in the world, Monnette won his fifth bracelet in a different set of poker rules, an impressive achievement. “It’s been amazing. Winning a no-limit hold’em draw is amazing and I’ve always felt like it was one of my best games. And then winning a bracelet in hold’em is really exciting because I grew up playing Limit game.” Texas Hold’em…now, I went 2-7 for my last win about 15 years ago before playing for a few hours on Black Friday. It was great to get back to my roots, especially winning limit hold’em and triple draws. A game I’ve struggled with for many years. ”

There are three Latino players in the prize money for this tournament, though they are all far from the top: Tales Braga

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