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Keven Augusto crava Online Super Series 82-H Event

Keven Augusto crava Online Super Series 82-H Event

The country’s grinders kept the title on the carpet in the Online Super Series (OSS) on Sunday 18th. In Event 82-H: $215 No Limit Hold’em, Keven Augusto was crowned champion after defeating 1,138 opponents. The pilot of the “2papel” account received a total of $46,770.

In Event 86-H: $215 NL Hold’em PKO, “MrKrabss” placed the green and yellow flag on top of the podium. He finished first out of a field of 1,401 and earned $37,962.

Victor “Qd6d” Pertile also withdrew from Event 83: $630 NL Hold’em European High Roller Heads-Up. He won a total of $32,827 in winnings.

The country’s stars have also gotten into trouble during the site’s regular tournaments. Douglas “SEPOLAGUOD” Lopes defeated 744 opponents to win $30,221 in the $215 Sunday Special.

Not long after, Daniel “ownadinho” Aziz ran into trouble in ACR Poker’s premier high roller event, the $1,050 Sunday Banana PKO. He was eliminated in third place, adding $30,221 to his balance.

More results

Tournament Player Position Prize Event

90: $88 NL Hold’em “MRJULIUS” 2° $16,197 $215 Jumbo Stack “MRJULIUS” 2° $10,800 Event 81 -L: $55 NL Hold’em “Sentinela” 1° $9,038

Keven Augusto crava Online Super Series 82-H Event

Data to estimate the size of KSOP South America

Facts and curiosities measuring the size of KSOP S...

KSOP GGPoker South America stands out for poker with its stunning setting in Barra da TijucaRio Centro Convention Center A milestone in the world, Rio de Janeiro. While both CodigoPoker and MundoPoker live streams provide an overview of the action, only those in attendance can fully appreciate the action.

KSOP GGPoker South America is an event of epic proportions

Arriving at Hall G of the Rio Ventro, a monumental complex at the end of Barra da Tijuca, is an astonishing experience for any poker player accustomed to live events. Shocking experience. With a site area of ​​nearly 22,000 square meters, the size of the event can be estimated based on the following details:

  1. The area is equivalent to three pitches in Brazil’s legendary football stadium Maracana.
  2. Rio Centro is three times larger than the KSOP GGPoker Special Stage held at Balneário Camboriú for the past two years.
  3. The event area houses eight different food trucks and a restaurant.
  4. The TV table is located on a stage that is 8 meters high and 46 meters wide , and there are two other parallel broadcast stations.
  5. A total of 196 Depokertables will be set up in the competition.
  6. A total of 30 players registered for site.
  7. Twelve Brazilian poker teams won exclusive rooms, including 4bet Team, Insight Team, Cardroom, Midas Team, Step Team, CL Poker Team, PokerLAB, Suits Team, Banana’s Poker, Guerreiros Team, Wide Team and Samba Team.
  8. The event created over 700 direct and indirect jobs.

A huge gaming area.

The luxurious venue of KSOP GGPoker South America

The R$100,000 Super High Roller is an unprecedented tournament that marks a milestone for Latin American poker as it becomes the largest tournament ever held in Latin America An expensive tournament that attracts notable international grinders includingDan Cates(78th, $14,000) andMustapha Kanit(96th, $12,000). Cates, ranked 78th on the overall money list, and top Italian player Kanit add further cachet to the event.

The tournament ended up in the hands of Ezequiel Waigel. , he defeated compatriot Gaspar Fernandez, the runner-up, to win 2 million reais, approximately US$400,000, for a prize of 1,350,000 reais ($270,000). .

Ezequiel Waigel and his well-deserved celebration.

WSOP Bracelet Parade at KSOP

Many WSOP bracelet holders were also in attendance at KSOP GGPoker South America, including World Champion Damian Salas.

  • Benny Glaser – 5 bracelets
  • Scott Ball – 2 bracelets
  • Dan Cates – 2 bracelets
  • Alex Livingston – 1 bracelet
  • Da Mian Salas – 1 bracelet
  • Julio Belluscio – 1 bracelet
  • Paulo Joanello – 1 bracelet
  • Gabriel Schroeder – 1 bracelet
  • Lucio Lima – 1 bracelet
  • Rafael Reis – 1 bracelet
  • Roberly Felício – 1 bracelet

Benny Glaser, the player with the most WSOP bracelets in the South American KSOP.

Andy Tillmann’s Surprise

Andy Tillmann, WSOP Director, attended the KSOP GGPoker South America in Brazil and was impressed with the structure of Rio Centro. He noted that not only was this the largest poker room in Brazil, but it was probably the largest he had ever seen. Spread over 22,000 square feet, 30% is reserved for gaming tables, with the remainder offering various amenities to players.

“It’s incredible. “It’s incredible for Brazil and huge globally. It was a surprise,” Tillman said.

Facts and curiosities measuring the size of KSOP S...

Bruno Volkmann takes the podium in the Carnival Series 45-H

Bruno Volkmann takes the podium in the Carnival Se...

Bruno Volkmann always competes for the title in the most expensive events on the Internet and is one of the highlights of the Carnival Series. Second place out of 352 entrants in Event 45-H: $530 NL Hold’em 6-Max Açaí, owner of the Great Dant account, won $21,882.

Eric “EricBolis” William has made progress in the PokerStars Series. In the 45-M Event: $55 NL Hold’em 6-Max The Açaí, he defeated 4,834 opponents and earned $25,654.

In the regular $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR, “Anderson RT2” won the silver medal and $18,674 in prize money.

In Event 48-M: $55 NL Hold’em 7-Max, Rafael “LiroLa” Monteiro planted the green and yellow flag on top of the podium for $18,670.

Douglas “Dowgh-Santos” Ferreira, meanwhile, was crowned champion of the $109 Sunday Cooldown, a performance that earned him $14,940. View other results:

Tournament Player Position Prize

#50-H: $109 NLHE 8-Max Sunday Fenomeno “dennysramos2” 2nd place $14,349 #49-M: $109 NLHE 8-Max Semi-Turbo “betsoares” 3rd place $13,687 $530 Bounty Builder High Roller “Gofaziin26” 3. $13,046 $5,200 Titan Event “SELOUAN1991” 8. $13,028 #49-M: $109 NLHE 8-Max Semi-Turbo “Luciano S.H” 4. $9,757

Bruno Volkmann takes the podium in the Carnival Se...

Book: Poker With Presence by Jason Su

Book: Review of Poker With Presence by Jason Su

American Jason Su has been playing poker for nearly 20 years and has spent the past decade testing methods and processes to help players achieve and maintain the highest levels of performance. The result was his first book, Poker With Presence, published in May of this year.

According to the author, presence is the bridge between what you learn and how you express it. It combines your intuition with your skills to make the perfect play at the right time. Jason believes that with a deep knowledge of the game you can reach 85% of your full potential as a player, but you have to be dedicated to unlock the last 15%.

Hence the subtitle of this book: “Unlocking the Last 15%”. The goal is to play poker with a sense of presence, beyond the layers of inner and outer chaos, with the wisdom of your body Make the connection. It’s something that can be learned and will make you a better player, allowing you to enjoy your game or tournament and win more money in the process.

Adopted by Jason takes concepts from other books, such as the “Zone of Genius” or “Physical Intelligence” and applies them to poker, providing methods and techniques on how to obtain it. Some of these techniques are breathing exercises such as “I Breathe,” “Creative Joint Games,” trying to see new perspectives, or “Feeling Body Sensations” to accompany physical sensations.

Another exercise he recommends to readers is “Looping of Awareness,” which provides examples of how to apply it at the poker table. This way you can focus more on your opponents and their playing style and avoid cell phone distractions. This is a smart and profitable move.

The author is primarily a cash game player but has 29 cashes and 5 titles on the live circuit for $546,653. In the final chapter, he analyzes three hands in which he was personable and confident enough to follow his instincts. The first hand was in a $30/$60 limit hold’em cash game, and the other two hands were in a $1,000 tournament in Las Vegas.

Anyone who wants to improve the psychological aspects of the game will really enjoy this book. helpful. Do you prefer The Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo or The Mind Game of Poker by Jared Tendler? Then you should read this book. It will be included in our December ranking of the “Best Poker Books of 2020.”

Book: Review of Poker With Presence by Jason Su

Experience the relaxation of the grinder at Winamax Sunday Fundday

Experience the relaxation of the grinder at Winama...

The end of the Winamax series does not mean the end of the great opportunities in the French regional championship halls.

Yesterday Adrian Mateos sincerely called on StreamGang to do something about a live broadcast with the idea of ​​”tiring regulators”. Well, if the tables do go a little softer this Sunday, then it could be double the profits because the Sunday Fund Day is activated again.

The Red W Room offers the opportunity to participate in seven of the most important regular tournaments,Battle Royale KO, High Roller KO, Primetime KO, Xtase KO, After Work Deepstack, Main Event and Purple KO’s, half price, and comes with a pretty high guarantee.

These are the schedule and packages for each match:

7:00 PM: Battle Royale KO, €100 Buy-in fee and €200,000 deposit. 8:15pm: Big Switch with a buy-in of €50 and a guaranteed prize of €150,000. 8:15pm: Afterwork Deepstack, buy-in of €10, deposit of €80,000. 8:30pm: Primetime KO, €25 buy-in, €150,000 guaranteed. 9:00pm: Main Event, buy-in €75, guaranteed prize money of €130,000. 9:00 PM: High Roller KO, buy-in €125, guarantee €130,000. 9:15pm: Purple KO with a buy-in of €250 and a guaranteed bonus of €130,000.

The starting total prize pool is €970,000, at which point all records are closed and the value is seven digits. Spread over various events, the costs of which combined are not much more expensive than attending one of the most important live events in the region, such as the WiPT Finals, which by the way is already very closed and Planning is underway for one last satellite.

The chance to complete Adrian’s sure is Sunday Surprise, search the best seasonal travel options this week to find surprise prizes. Enjoy a 7-day stay for two at Paradiski, the world’s second largest ski resort in Savoy, France.

Experience the relaxation of the grinder at Winama...

BIXI BOY in Winamax HighRoller for over €10,000

BIXI BOY in Winamax HighRoller for over €10,000

Yesterday’s focus was the Regular Championship of Winamax .fres. A total of 30tournaments with five-figure jackpots were organized throughout Wednesday in the French region, of which 743,000 euros Payable as a prize. BIXI BOY was the best player of the day.


Three races offered prizes worth over €7,000 to the winners.

  • “BIXI BOY” won €250HighRoller and won the biggest prize of the day: €10,640.99.
  • “SonicXXL” won a prize of €9,487. 99, thanks to his victory in the €200Battle Royale.
  • “Furabolos” won Prime Time 50€ and received a bonus of 7€637.46.

BIXI BOY in Winamax HighRoller for over €10,000

News from WSOP Heaven

WSOP Paradise: Top Players, Sharks, and the Beginn...

This past weekend, the most anticipated series of the year – WSOP Paradise – kicked off in the Bahamas. The stakes included 15 gold bracelets, tens of millions of dollars in prize money and other prizes.

Nearly every hotel on the island is packed with players flocking to attend the festival. Some rooms are provided for free by PokerOK, and some rooms simply cannot be missed for events like this.

WSOP Paradise is a star-studded event – the entire poker elite flocks to the Bahamas: Negreanu, Holtz, Jaffe, Livingston, Ryan Reese, Josh Arieh, Jaffe Mr. “Bubble Boy” Chris Brewer, Timothy Adams, the Greenwood Brothers and hundreds of other famous players.

The only thing missing from the star-studded lineup is Phil A. Victoria, but he was busy winning the WPT Championship Series, for which he was involved as one of the main ambassadors.

Even Phil Helmuth, who rarely appears in poker series outside the United States, flew to the island. He comes with a clear plan to win his 18th gold bracelet, and he won’t stray from his heritage. He will also appear at the main event wearing unusual outfits.

Phil Helmut in the Bahamas

Many people gathered in the Bahamas and our players. Arthur Martirosyan, Oleg Ustinovich, Anatoly Filatov, Anton Smirnov, Alexander Timoshenko, Garik Tamasyan, Alexander Zubov and many others fought for the gold bracelet. How the Inaugural Championship Works

Although the series begins on December 4, only one owner of the Millionaire Maker Championship bracelet is known to date. That’s it for one hundred Summer WSOP Online finalists. Read how the Ukrainian nearly won his first WSOP Paradise title.

Two other debut tournaments, Mystery Millions and GGMasters, both have multiple first days. In 5 opening flights, Mystery Millions managed to exceed the $5,000,000 program guarantee with a modest buy-in of $1,650. 3,446 entries generated $5,169,000 in prize money. This is a great achievement for the WSOP.

Usually, most of the top players fly to the second part of the series, when the most expensive and most interesting tournaments begin. Such opening results suggest that the series should take the best path. Jason Koon at WSOP Paradise

Day two of the Mystery Million is scheduled to begin today. The winner will receive $420,000, but the focus of the intrigue isn’t on first place, but on the prize envelope. They won’t be distributed until the next day.

The opening day of GGMillions, PokerOK’s flagship $25,000 buy-in tournament, was equally busy. Day 1A attracted over 200 registrations and there will be another day 1 tomorrow. It looks like the $10,000,000 guarantee could easily be exceeded – more than half of which ends before the final entry deadline on Day 1A.

24 poker players entered Day 2 and surpassed the ITM. The chip leader is Jason Kuhn and Artur Martirosyan is one of our top 3 players. Artur Martirosyan “Sharks Don’t Eat Sharks” at WSOP Paradise

The massive celebration was not without some unpleasant news. A few days ago, a shark attacked a woman while she was swimming in the ocean. Unfortunately, the ambulance that arrived in time was unable to revive her. After the attack, the shark had nowhere to go and continued to circle near the coast. A lot of poker players have noticed them:

“By the way, two sharks swam by the shore of our hotel yesterday, so the lifeguards were strictly not letting anyone in. I never understood how they were supposed to Solve this problem,” Arthur Martirosyan wrote on his Telegram channel. (Orthography and punctuation preserved).

As a result, advertised beach holidays are still limited to deckchairs with local pigs. After such an incident, no one is allowed to enter the water, and few dare to enter the sea. However, some of our poker players joke, “Sharks don’t eat sharks.”Nikita Kuznetsov, Bahamas

There isn’t a WSOP Series player who hasn’t complained about the organization. “Paradise Festival” was also affected. One of the most common reports is that you have to order multiple times at the table and the game is stopped due to network outage.

But that didn’t dampen the spirits of the players in attendance. The island offers exciting poker, seven-figure prizes and a final chance to win a gold bracelet in 2023.

WSOP Paradise: Top Players, Sharks, and the Beginn...

Experience Winamax’s Battle Royale in Champions League

Experience Winamax’s Battle Royale in Champions Le...

Yesterday, the regular tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. On Tuesday a total of 23 tournaments with 5-figure jackpots were organized in the French region, of which 478,000 euros Paid as a prize. The schedule of major events overlapping with the schedule of Champions League matches may reduce the number of players in the room. Along with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain played crucial games in this match. alvarsc was the best player of the day.

alvarsc wins the biggest prize of the day

3 tournaments awarded prizes of more than €5k to their winners.

“alvarsc” won the €200 Battle Royale and took home the biggest prize of the day: €7,351.09.

“Skumbo” took home a prize of €6,266.52, thanks to his victory in the €250 HighRoller.

And “extremism” won the Prime Time €50 and received a payout of €5,833.22.

The biggest prize pools

In terms of prize pools, four tournaments exceeded the €30k jackpot:

Battle Royale (€35k).

After Work 20 (€35k).

Prime Time (€45k).

Mystery KO €50 (€32k).

Results of Tuesday’s top tournaments at Winamax

  1. michel_ah89 (Mystery KO. Prize pool: €2,039.20. Field: 1,591. Prize pool: €14,319).
  2. Jacqueline77 (Tea Time 20. Prize: £2,310.28. Field: 1,326. Prize pool: £23,868).
  3. D3P0S1t4ME (Gladiator €50. Prize: €2,631.35. Field: 396. Prize pool: €17,820).
  4. simonsnaps (Mystery KO. Prize: €3,052.62. Field: 1,248. Prize pool: €22,464).
  5. Jack Jack (Monster Stack €10 (6:30 p.m.). Prize pool: €1.905,55. Field: 1,177. Prize pool: €10,593).
  6. Benamou.s13 (Guerilla 5. Prize: €1,484.14. Field: 3,201. Prize pool: €14,405).
  7. alvarsc (Battle Royale €200. Prize: €7,351.09. Field: 195. Prize pool: €35,880).
  8. ABG9 (Mystery KO. Prize: €1,159.85. Field: 2,348. Prize pool: €10,566).
  9. 1Money Trees (Mystery KO. Prize: €3,206.71. Field: 583. Prize pool: €26,235).
  10. AKy1A (La Fievre 10. Prize: €2,269.15. Field: 1,415. Prize pool: €12,735).
  11. JA M0RANT (After Work €20. Prize: €3,282.50. Field: €1,977. Prize pool: €35,586).
  12. Druide No 1 (Big Switch €100. Prize: €4,287.79. Field: 201. Prize pool: €18,090).
  13. BenoitS1-2Ni (Mini Switch €10. Prize: €1,995.53. Field: €1,227. Prize pool: €11,043).
  14. extremism (Prime Time 50. Prize: €5,833.22. Field: 1,002. Prize pool: €45,090).
  15. Bukowski (Mystery KO. Prize: €2,387.93. Field: 3,614. Prize pool: €32,526).
  16. M.check_Some (Pour la Daronne €5. Prize: €1,364.30. Field: 3,743. Prize pool: €16,844).
  17. Skumbo (HighRoller €250. Prize: €6,266.52. Field: 128. Prize pool: €29,696).
  18. MomIsProud (Flipper €20. Prize: €1,759.80. Field: 619. Prize pool: €11,142).
  19. YuriksRD 5.0 (Ninja €10. Prize: €1,868.40. Field: 2,107. Prize pool: €18,963).
  20. ThelmaelWise (Mystery KO. Prize: €1,983.70. Field: 826. Prize pool: €14,868).
  21. Vila Nova (Rush Hour 50. Prize: €3,695.50. Field: 417. Prize pool: €18,765).
  22. (Mystery KO. Prize: €2,306.34. Field: 2,344. Prize pool: €21,096).
  23. F. Gimbra (Night Club 10. Prize: 2.010,97. Field: 1.725. Prize pool: 15.525€).

Experience Winamax’s Battle Royale in Champions Le...

Latin American League Returns to 888Poker in August

Latin American League Returns to 888Poker in Augus...

Latin American league called LATAM LEAGUE was launched by 888Poker and it is aimed at recreational Spanish-speaking players from Latin America, namely from the following countries: Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Best of all, additional prizes are added every month.

4 Sundays per month in Latin America at 20:30 – 19:30 – 18:30 – 17:00:30. Admission is $1, single repetition For $1 purchase (no extras), there will be two (2) FREEROLLS QUALY satellites every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00pm – 9:00pm – 20:00:00pm 19:00.

Latin American League Returns to 888Poker in Augus...

Jerson Backmann leads nine High Roller finalists – and today we find out who the winner is!

Jerson Backmann leads nine High Roller finalists -...

Jerson Backmann is the chip leader at the High Roller final table.

The highly engaging High Roller tournament is about to reach its climax, with only 9 finalists boasting outstanding players in the final stages. Jerson Backmann will lead the charge, accompanied by Briant Alavez.

Today’s high roller event will be dominated by the final table, which will undoubtedly bring great excitement to the audience.

We now get into the definition of the 2023 Palace Poker Fest High Roller. This afternoon the final table of the festival’s highest buy-in tournament takes place, with nine finalists vying for this important trophy.

The Guaranteed Price for this offer is MXN 2,000,000 (USD 1,149,000), with a Buy of 20,000 Mexican Peso ($1,149).

The finalists have been awarded MXN 63,850 and are aiming to win the grand prize of MXN 850,000.

High Roller Final Table

Jerson Backmann – 2,045,000Briant Alavez – 1,260,000Joel Brito – 1,255,000Luis Renoud Parra – 1,115,000Sergio Barrios – 655,000Eloy Dominguez – 635,000Valentin Messina – 420,000Anjocan – 400,000Melchor Salazar – 240,000

The main event campaign has begun. Day 1A had 30 Level 3 registrants.

Finally comes the main course of the Palace Poker Festival, with its Main Event being a blast.5,000,000 MXN ($287,220) guaranteed Prize poolhas started.

Day 1A begins this afternoon at Level 3 with a mandatory bet of 100/300 and a BB of 300. Only 30 entries were counted and there are still Es entries with a long way to go in this long journey.

Please remember that the buy-in is MXN$9,000 (US$517) and the starting chip is 40,000 points. There are 5 qualifying matches in total, including Round 1E, taking place on the evening of Friday 8th September, with each match lasting 20 minutes.

Jerson Backmann leads nine High Roller finalists -...

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