Argentines meet Main Event at KSOP GGPoker Online

Argentinian Mariano Jiménez made sure the series ended in a tango after the Brazilian took the title at KSOP GGPoker Online. In the Main Event, he beat a table full of pros to finish on the podium. All told, the winner earned $8,019.

Mariano heads up against Marcelo Giordano, who made it to FT in the 1-Day High Roller Main Event earlier this month when he performed at BSOP Brasilia. On the last hand, the Brazilian thought for a long time before calling his opponent all-in on the K♠3♠A♥2♣Q♣ board. Marcelo holds the K Н♥ and sees his Jiménez for a 5♣4♥ straight.

Also making it into the finals is current KSOP GGPoker leaderboard leader Peterson Machado. Carioca, who were eliminated in fifth place, picked up important points and extended their lead.

All told, the Main Event had 432 entrants worth $100. Here’s how much each finalist spent:

1. Mariano Jimenez (Argentina) $8,019

2. Marcelo “77777777771” Giordano (Brazil) $6,018

3. Carlos “Breadcrumb” Serrano (Colombia) $4,518

4. Diego “Spdr_J8” Martins (Brazil) $3,392

5. Peterson “PetersonRJ” Machado (Brazil) $2,548

6. “TEKOHZT” (Brazil) $1,916

7. Sebastián Fonseca (Colombia) $1,441

8. Isa “Amarula” Oliveira (Brazil) $1,085

9. Felipe “FelipeAA23” Morelli (Brazil) $818

There will be 37 events at KSOP GGPoker Online and all winners will receive their respective trophies either at home or at KSOP Rio in August in Rio de Janeiro. In a few weeks, there will be another online series on the tour.

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