André Akkari Finishes Tenth in WSOP Event 35

Andre Akkari’s in-depth performance at WSOP Event 35: $10,000 NL Hold’em Secret Bounty ended sooner than he had hoped. After taking the lead at the end of the second day, the veteran lost momentum and eventually collapsed in the unofficial FT. Akkari finished 10th for $45,301. The top Brazilian in the tournament received an additional $65,000 for prize money.

According to the PokerNews portal, Akkari made 15 BBS public pushes as he left immediately after the hijack. Five-time WSOP champion Jeremy Ausmus singled out and revealed J♠J♦. Akkari dominated with A 10 ♠ but couldn’t find any of his three outs on a board of 4 ♠ 3 ♥ 2 ♠ Q ♠ 7 .

Meanwhile, Phil Hellmuth was No. 11. With only 3 BBS left, he decided to call Aram Oganyan’s all-in with A♥5♣. As the owner of Q♥3♥, the Hall of Famer had no chance on the K 7♣J♣K♣J board.

Akkari tormentor Ausmus sticks to CL Chris Klodnicki. Currently, the gap between Team USA and Team USA is only 1 BB. Argument will continue at 8pm (Brasilia). Check chip count:

First place: Aram Oganyan (USA) 27 big blinds

Second place: Barak Wisbrod (Israel) 21 big blinds

3rd place 1st place: Daniel Rezaei (Austria) 15 big blinds

4th place: Jeremy Ausmus (USA) 32 big blinds

5th Name: Eric Yanovsky (USA) 16 BBs

Sixth: Angel Guillen (Mexico) 21 BBs

Seventh: Chris Klodnicki (USA) 33 BBs

Eighth Place: Tracy Nguyen (USA) 9 BBs Blinds

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